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Viadurini Design Radiators has a wide range of glass radiators. They are called Jonny, Brian Barry and radiators available in both glass electrically or hydraulic.

The version of the hydraulic radiator is highly efficient. Its water consumption is much lower than conventional systems, perfectly adapted to heat pump systems or renewable energy sources. It 'also characterized by a tempered glass plate to 600 degrees.

And 'possible to have the radiator in glass with mirror finish. It will be a beautiful silver to make it a convenient mirror design.La version of the electric radiator has the most advanced technology, which allows the product to understand what is the most proper way to warm the environment by preventing energy wastage and keeping to a minimum the surface temperature of the product. Its structure is composed of two sheets of tempered glass, where the electrical resistance is placed. E 'can also request the radiator in glass with mirror finish. The external crystal plate has a silver finish to create the mirror effect. A touch to the electric version is provided by the touch screen control system - with child lock function - the latest infrared generation in combination with the remote control you can optimize performance.

Its dual tempered glass structure, guarantees, in case of breakage, the safety performance at level 1 B1 according to European standard UNI 12600. This allows a level of isolation of the electronic classroom 2 and an IP 55 protection level, perfect for maximum safety even in wet environments, such as swimming baths and saunas.
The function "open window" that allows the radiator to experience a sharp drop of the temperature of the room (for example, when you do cleaning in the home) and consequently switch off for 30 minutes.
In it combines shape, style, design and functionality. Design Radiators is entirely made in Italy. Its uniqueness is dependent on its sinuous design, clean and simple suitable for every type of environment from classic to modern.

The exclusivity of this line of design radiators is also conferred by the special care with which it is realized every single product, all absolutely Made in Italy. The glass version is entirely in 600 degrees tempered glass, thickness 6 mm, and has in the back an aluminum plate, thus becoming a recyclable product 100%.
All products are supplied with European standard attacks, ensuring easy installation in any existing plant. Montano four fittings 1/2 inch internal thread gas.

For anyone who wants a touch of glamor and ultra staff can create a radiator completely unique! Thanks to the screen-printing technique, it is possible to choose a picture / image, which is then molded between two sheets of clear glass, that will leave you very satisfied!