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Copper light fitting, made in Italy

This section of our online catalog is dedicated to copper light fittings.
They are able to create a magical atmosphere by enveloping us in the relaxation of a warm light. An essential element for a refined and elegant environment.
With a vintage and industrial design, copper lamps are perfectly integrated even in a modern environment.

Copper, one of the first metals used by man, has always been easily modeled, especially in slabs that in turn were folded and shaped into the desired shape. Furthermore it is a 100% eco-sustainable and recyclable material.
Particular also in the nuances of its color, copper ranges from red to brown to green: together with gold it is the only colored metal.

On Viadurini you will find a continuously expanding catalog of copper ceiling lights, copper wall lights and copper floor lamps created by craftsmen and produced in Italy by leading brands such as Aldo Bernardi and Il Fanale. For a more detailed check on the possible use of each individual lamp (if indoor and / or outdoor) it is advisable to check the data shown in the product sheet and in particular the IP protection rating of each device.


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